dare 2 express

The story so far ...

This story is about a man called John Dennis (that's me).  John suffers from depression.  But until two years ago he just hadn't realised.  His wife, Heidi, noticed it first.  He just wasn't the same and it became more and more noticeable to everyone else.  But John just couldn't see it himself, and I'm sure that’s something a lot of us can relate to.  It’s been an often painful journey of self-discovery for John, after his initial diagnosis from his doctor two years ago, and an uphill struggle to understand how this affects him and countless others.  His initial refusal to accept his condition, he believes, comes from the stigma and taboo associated with mental illness and people’s unwillingness to discuss it.

Since then, John has become increasingly active about spreading awareness of depression, trauma and mental illness.  Talking about his own experience and encouraging people to open up and talk about issues which are often ignored or brushed under the carpet because they make us feel uncomfortable.  He continues to raise awareness for people of all ages through depression and trauma, which is where Expedition dare2express was born.

Fulfilling a childhood dream, testing his limits and ultimately drawing attention to a condition that affects at least 1 in 4 people in globally today, John is attempting a solo, unaided expedition to the South Pole to raise awareness for people just like him.  And he needs your help.  John needs sponsors, equipment, supplies and funds to cover the operational costs associated with an undertaking of this magnitude.

dare2express - Intro from Expedition dare2express on Vimeo.



One Man. One Goal.

Expedition to Antarctica 2015